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The primary products we offer on a wholesale basis are:

  1. A complete set of coverages for Independent Senior Apartments Anchored by our Exclusive Liability Program which includes PL Professional Liability. We have available the needed ancillary coverages as well, including:
    • Tenant discrimination
    • Crime
    • Directors and Officers
    • Senior Bus
    • Property
    • We can Insure your RAD conversions as well
    • Umbrella Program
  2. Our Multi-Family Umbrella program which can be written over most Apartment Risks including Quality Affordable Housing and Senior Housing. Click  here for more information.
  3. Unsupported Property including HPR, Joisted Masonry and Frame.

Please submit Acord Applications, 3-year loss runs or more and A statement of values with cope information.

We also have very high quality Mono-line property markets for HPR, Frame and Joisted Masonry.

Lastly if you insure high net worth individuals and do not have access to Chubb/Ace you can submit them here to Beth Ripperger.

Personal Insurance Coordinator
*protected email*
(908) 273-6100 ext 238

All Commercial Submission: please go to our contact here at Lewis-Chester Associates, Lisa O’Connor
908-273-6100 ext. 251
*protected email*