My Chubb Story

by Beth Ripperger

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Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey on October 29th, 2012.  The skies were dark, everyone in my home was seeking shelter in the basement, electricity was already out and we were hoping we would wake up and everything in our home would be unharmed.   We were alarmed by a snap and loud thud.   We ran upstairs with flashlight in hand, looked outside to find a large tree had fallen on our detached garage.    Our two cars were parked in our garage along with other belongings that were being stored away safely from the storm.     While it was not the worst case scenario, our home was still in one piece, it was bad…..our garage and two cars had been taken out by the vicious storm.

I picked up the phone and called Chubb.    The claims representative took all of the information and assured me that an adjuster would be contacting us very soon.    I was pleasantly surprised when I received a phone call the next day and within 48 hours the adjuster was at our home (even when some roads were impassable and power had not even been restored.)   Chubb had set up a rental car for our family (during a time when rental cars just weren’t available in our area.)   They approved the payout of our claim and I was able to get a contractor booked to demolish the garage and start the rebuild.   They even waived our deductible due to the size of the loss.

The claim process was smooth and never had a single issue during the rebuild that Chubb would not take care of.  Even though many insureds were suffering losses at the same time due to the magnitude of Super Storm Sandy, Chubb gave us the personal and prompt attention that we needed.

I’ve represented Chubb in an Agents capacity and have seen how fantastic their claims service is, but I can honestly say that I could not have been happier to be insured by Chubb.  They came through when we really needed it.   Chubb made us feel comfortable in one of the most horrible situations we had to live through.